June Newsletter


 It has again been another busy couple of months for the Club. Firstly, the Club has appointed Tim Allerton to the position of Secretary Manager. Tim comes to the Club with extensive knowledge and experience in business and marketing and has worked for such companies as Coca-Cola Amatil and WD & HO Wills. It is hoped that with this background we will be able to increase the Club's presence in the market place and at the same time develop a robust business plan that will secure the ongoing future of the Club. Please make Tim feel welcome, and do not hesitate to get in touch with him if you need any assistance with any management issues.


As we welcome Tim, we say goodbye to Nathan & Jacqui Stubbs. Nathan has taken an appointment at Devonport Golf Club in Tasmania and the Club wishes him well with this move. From an administrative perspective, many members have accumulated a significant amount of credit with the pro-shop over time. Nathan and Jacqui, as well as the Club, would appreciate if members could clear this by Friday 15 June. Any credits not redeemed by this date will be converted into golf balls and will be available for collection from the Club's staff.


Finally, membership renewals will be sent out this week. The Club has received many suggestions about how membership should be structured and these ideas have all been considered at length. Nevertheless, I think it was anticipated there would be an increase over last year's amounts. There is a detailed letter that will accompany each renewal, however, I can advise that the Club has abandoned Platinum Memberships for the time being, and the cost of our standard Silver Membership will increase by 10% to $530.00. The Club is also seeking to actively recruit members in the 18 to 28 age range, as well as new and returning golfers who have been away from the game for more than five years, and discounts in membership fees will be offered to these people. It is hoped that every member will find a level of membership that suits her/his needs. Moreover, it is hoped that every member will continue to support the Club to ensure our financial future.


Greens News:  Jeff Garraway


I believe there is a few members whose three putts are costing them an extra round of drinks at the end of the day. The greens, whilst faster than we have seen for quite some time, are playing really well. They have been sprayed for dollar spot and brown patch when the need has arisen.  

Brett and the ground staff are about to install the irrigation to the 8th fairway. This work has been scheduled for the past 18 months and it will be good to see the project completed. Be mindful of the staff working on the 8th fairway whilst playing during the week days. They have also trimmed some of the lower branches and dead timber from around the course and placed mulch on garden beds.

Over the past month I have had the opportunity to play on a few different courses, some with big budgets to spend and whilst I always playing away from it makes you realise what a good course we have here in Armidale. Friends of mine have recently returned from New Zealand where they played on some of the top resort courses and they have made the same remarks. Our staff really does a good job with the budget they have available to them.


The final round of the NE Veterans Golf Pennants was played at Walcha on 17th May on an almost perfect NE autumn day. About 80 players from the competing clubs, Walcha, Uralla, Guyra and two teams from Armidale turned up at the lovely Walcha course to contest the last round. This year’s event has been dominated by Guyra in all rounds and they turned out in force with 26 players to ensure that they kept their record intact. Each Club has a team of 10 players, including 3 ladies, with the best 7 scores counting towards the day’s final total.

The difficult sand “greens” at Walcha didn’t deter the Mountain folk from Guyra as they won again on the day with a total of 275 points from Walcha 269, Armidale Blue 264, Armidale Green 246 and Uralla 243. The win kept them in front for the Kempster Trophy which they won easily with a total of 1006 points from Armidale Blue 972, Armidale Green 948 Uralla 940 and Walcha 917.

There were some good scores with Armidale’s Simon Fletcher having the best round of the day with a creditable score of 45 winning from Tony Asimus from Walcha on 44. There were 20 ladies present and Walcha dominated their event with Barbara Mulligan winning with 42 from Carol Street on 40 on a countback from Armidale’s Sally Munro.

We plan to have a group of Armidale players visit Guyra on one of their normal playing days to present them with the actual Kempster Trophy.

A word from the collator.

I had a photo of Garry Hamilton for this month's newsletter but it came out very blurry. After considerable discussion with those wise heads who know about many things I decided it wasn't entirely Hammo's fault. But, of course , maybe it was, and in which case you have been spared a touch of reality. In the meantime the 18th green reigns supreme again. If Jaqui gets back to me about this, one of her theories falls by the wayside.

Enjoy your golf, we are very fortunate!

Ken Docksey

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